Update Schedule

October 14th, 2015

As of today, Book I is complete. I’ll be spending a while editing what has already been written and working out kinks for the sequel, but updates for Book II will begin on November 4th. Thanks to all my readers for their interest, especially those who decided to comment.


8 thoughts on “Update Schedule

  1. celidon

    I just want to say that I am so excited for book two. I started reading on Friday and couldn’t stop reading until I finished. I love your writing style and characters. I think the only other web series I have gotten into as much as yours are The Gods are Bastards, Zombie Knight, and all of Wildbow’s. I can’t wait to see how far this goes.


    1. Nothing major, mostly fixing details and reworking the flow. So far I spent most of my time mapping out background for the rest of the series, actually. I’m about two thirds done with a map of the continent, I’ll mostly likely put it up next week.


      1. Yetzirah

        Love the new map, very exciting. Interesting kabalistic references in the dead kingdom. Looking forward to future books. In general IMO the best web fiction out there and better than 90% of already published books.

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  2. Hi Erraticerrata ! (mmmh, sometime I’m jealous of other pseudo…)
    With the Book 2 around the corner and as avid reader of your story, but also a epub/pdf-filemaker I want to ask you :

    Would you want/like to have your first book (for now) compiled in epub/pdf ?
    If yes, don’t hesitate to contact me by mail : http://ebooks.armaell.fr/contact for details.
    if no, continue your great work 🙂

    I’m doing it for free, I’m not a publisher, and who knows if one will contact you in my place ^^


    1. Passing to say, if you tried to contact me by the link, it appeared it wasn’t working properly recently ^^”
      So if you sent me a mail, please do it again.
      Sorry for the inconveniance


  3. This is way better than my stuff. Please keep writing this it is excellent. I am strongly reminded of the Alana series from Tamora Pierce, though the protagonist of this series I personally find quite a bit more interesting in a few respects.


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