Character List

Character List

Main Characters
The Squire (Catherine Foundling)
The Adjutant (Hakram of the Howling Wolves), known as ‘Deadhand’
The Apprentice (Masego)

The Fifteenth Legion
General Juniper of the Red Shields, known as ‘the Hellhound’
her general staff:

  • Staff Tribune Aisha Bishara
  • Supply Tribune Ratface (Hasan Qara)
  • Senior Sapper Pickler
  • Senior Mage Kilian

Legate Nauk of the Waxing Moons
Senior Tribune Nilin
Senior Tribune Jwahir
Legate Hune
Tribune Robber

Dread Empire of Praes
The Imperial Faction
Dread Empress Malicia, First of Her Name (Alaya)
Ime, her spymistress
High Lady Takisha Muraqib of Kahtan
High Lord Jaheem Niri of Okoro
High Lord Idriss Kebdana of Thalassina

The Calamities
The Black Knight (Amadeus), known as the ‘Carrion Lord’
The Warlock (Wekesa), known as ‘The Sovereign of the Red Skies’
The Captain (Sabah)
The Assassin (?)
formerly the Ranger
directly affiliated, the Scribe (Eudokia)

The Truebloods
High Lady Tasia Sahelian of Wolof
High Lord Dakarai Sahel of Nok
High Lady Abreha Mirembe of Aksum
High Lady Amina Banu of Foramen
Farouk Qara, lord of Fatimi

Heiress’s Retinue
The Heiress (Akua Sahelian)
Arzachel of Procer, commander of her mercenaries
Fadila Mbafeno, mage sworn to Wolof
Barika Unonti, heiress to Unonti
Ghassan Enazah, lord of Assam
Fasili Mirembe, heir to Askum
Hawulti Sahel, heiress to Nok

Former Kingdom of Callow
The Heroes
The Lone Swordsman (William of Greenbury)
The Thief (?)
The Hunter (John)
The Bumbling Conjurer (Simeon)
The Wandering Bard (Almorava of Smyrna/Aoede of Nicae)

The Rebellion
Duke Gaston Caen of Liesse
Countess Elizabeth Talbot of Marchford
Marchioness Victoria Lerness of Vale
Baroness Anne Kendal of Dormer
Baron Richard Manners of Holden

The Mercenaries
The Exiled Prince (?)
The Page (?)

Principate of Procer
Cordelia Hasenbach, First Prince of Procer
Klaus Papenheim, Prince of Hannoven
The Augur (Agnes Hasenbach)

The Ranger (Hye Su), known as ‘the Lady of the Lake’
The Archer (?)
formerly, the Hunter